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We are in the escape room and board game business for six years in Turkey. We decided to open up to the world two years ago with a new project that combines escape room concepts and board games.

We have been launched on Kickstarter with two different escape room board games in October 2018 and August 2020. But we failed twice. What we have learned during this time is priceless. We want to show ourselves with this knowledge and past experiences. That’s why we decided to come back to Kickstarter with a new card game.

We are the creators of “Odadan Kaçış”, “Kaçışhane”, “The Mask Games”, and “Cryptomath”. We have been designed 10 different room escape games and published 12 different board games in Turkey.

Özer Özgün Erkçetin Profile Photo

Özer Özgün Erkçetin
Game Designer
Story Author

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Engin Dikkulak
Game Developer
Graphic Designer