Arca Ludum offers an opportunity of visiting hidden worlds of talented and imaginative designers to the enthusiasts of the escape games which are very popular around the world.

• Arca Ludum is an escape room board game.
• It is playable between 90-120 minutes with 2-6 people.
• This easy-to-install game can be purchased in standard board game sizes.
• It is an escape game that can be played anywhere you open the box.
• Thanks to its easy-to-lock system, cabinets and drawers can be used as game objects.
• Choose your role! Player, gamemaster or why not both!
• Make the most fun of your time not only while playing, but also gamemastering.
• Solving puzzles that require both physical ability and intelligence will be more fun with your friends.

Antidote Components 01

How was Arca Ludum born?

Is there anyone who doesn’t hear room escape games? Let’s start with a short briefing for you. Room escape games have grown rapidly all over the world. What excited people the most, these games were played in real places and the games have real stories. You will not be a virtual character of a virtual world. You will be the hero in the story. You will complete the stages by solving the puzzles prepared for you. You have to pass through the locks or passages that you encounter, using your mind or your personal skills. We think we’ve managed to get some attention from those who don’t know about these games.

You must produce an antidote with your own hands so that a virus produced by a sociopath does not spread to the world. You have to play all the cards in your hand to save the last victim from the horrific serial killer and bring the killer to justice. Now, let’s make it a little harder. You have only 90 minutes!

Antidote Components Perspective

When was the last time you played a game where you used both your mind and your skills, besides where you feel like a hero of a film? You will have fun and you will get stressed. And you stand back to back with your friends to accomplish all this.

We don’t tell you any more because we don’t want to give a spoiler. We can say final words for this project. Arca Ludum is an extraordinary project of two game producers who have been in the escape room business since 2014 and produced 20 different games. After that, we will leave all the surprises you will experience after opening the box. We think it’s fair enough!

You can download the Press Kit of Arca Ludum via the link below.

• You should use a timer and set it to 90 minutes before you start the game. For this, you can use a phone, computer or an hourglass. The choice is up to you. As time decreases, the pressure on you will increase. Develop your own methods for this. You can make motivational conversations with each other, use a stress ball or a massage tool. But they’re not coming out of the box.

• After 90 minutes, the game is over. If you do not have the antidote when the time is up or you have not found who the killer is, you will lose. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask for additional time.

• Do not eat or drink objects that come out of the box. If you succeed, you deserve a good meal as a team. Don’t worry if you fail. You can wait silently for a virus to destroy the world or pray that it will not pick you as the new victim of the copycat killer in your city.

• Only one person that you choose in your team should manage the experiment stage in the Antidote game. In Jack the Ripper game, give the suspect list to a person to check every step of the game.

• You don’t need to do anything to use physical force in the game. You don’t need to cut, punch, or generally destroy anything to complete the goal. To play the game again with another team, be polite to the game objects. Get help from your creative ideas. Only try and try to accomplish. Keep in mind that everything has a rational explanation and that is important that only your intelligence and teamwork. You’ll need unique and different perspectives to solve the puzzles. If you think you’ll see a simple crossword, you’re wrong. If you’re feeling really unbearable, a cold shower might be good. But your time will be running. Tick Tock. Tick Tock…

• If you have no idea about the password, it would get too much time for you to try all the combinations and the quality of entertainment also decreases. To give you a hint, your lieutenant will be online for you all over the game. Therefore, do not forget to have a device with an internet connection at the beginning of the game. The clues as to the confidentiality of the cases are also only to steer you. Don’t think you’ll get a clear answer. A different point of view will be good when it confused.

• Puzzles are interconnected and related to the story. The puzzles you solve are replaced by new puzzles. Any information you’ve seen before, but you haven’t used it, maybe useful again. Sometimes, there will be times when you have to think complex and sometimes simple. Therefore, whatever you think of a solution, share it with your teammates. Team spirit and working together are very important. A simple intervention by one of you in a part of the game may make this person the star of the team. Don’t forget to thank this person for this touch.

• For each game, only one Game Master is a must.

• The Game Master will receive the instructions clearly when the box will be opened. For this reason, the GM should read all instructions written without opening little boxes and envelopes.

• The task of the Game Master is placing the game materials and puzzles in the right flow.

• Locked objects containing puzzles must be locked correctly with combination locks.

• The Game Master should read the story texts to the players during the game. 

• Also, Game Master is responsible for the clock.